The Quality Playbook
A Step-by-Step Guide for Healthcare Leaders

By John Byrnes, MD

The Quality Playbook and its Workbook are filled with “How To” checklists and “Action Steps” to enhance a quality and safety program in any hospital, health system, and medical group. From one of the nation’s top physician experts and pioneers in quality and patient safety, John Byrnes, MD, has put in this book set everything a hospital needs to map out all their quality and safety plays.

In the foreword, David B. Nash, MD, MBA, who is the Founder and Dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health, says: “I believe John has created the single most important contribution to the literature on quality and safety in our recent history.”

This book set takes the reader into the huddle and is filled with checklists, game plans, implementation plans, team members needed, and many more tools to make a winning program.

Buy this book set for team members in your quality and safety programs.

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John Byrnes, MDJohn Byrnes, MD has over twenty years of experience leading, designing, and implementing quality and safety programs throughout the United States. During his lengthy tenure as chief quality officer at Spectrum Health, the organization received over one hundred quality awards, was ranked three times as one of the nation’s 15 Top Health Systems, and received multiple 100 Top Hospital designations.

He writes and teaches extensively on quality, safety, and a variety of contemporary healthcare topics including the board’s role in quality, population health management, bundled payments, clinical integration, physician engagement, high reliability design, and patient safety.

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